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Underwater Maintenance – Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing


Hull cleaning and propeller polishing can result in a hugely positive impact on a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance and fuel consumption.

AIS Marine recommends hull cleaning when slime starts to form rather than when heavy growth such as barnacles start to build up. Hull paint system is often unpredictable and once fouling starts to build up, it severely effects the vessel performance.

Hull Cleaning

Underwater Repair – Blanking & Cofferdams.


Underwater Plugging or Blanking of Searches, inlets and overboard discharges safely and quickly is essential in order to avoid costly delays or unscheduled dry-dockings. Underwater blanking and plugging operations are also suitable for semi-submersible installations and other offshore structures that cannot easily be brought to a docking facility. FPSOs that are on station for 10 to 25 years rely on blanking technology to remain in service and in class.

AIS Marine has revolutionised the methodology for plugging and blanking which can be easily fitted by our experienced divers. Our design incorporates an adequate safety factor with all plugs and blanks being quality checked to the highest standard. Many of the blanking systems carry class approval from the major classification societies.



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