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lifeboat Services


It is a systematic examination where both the external and internal parts of the lifeboat along with its vital equipment are examined systematically. Following are the important equipment that are checked during an inspection.

  • Examining engine system
  • Air supply system & All release gears
  • Maneuvering system
  • Power and bailing system
  • Davits & Hooks
  • Dynamic winch brake test
  • Winches
Ship Repair

AIS Marine is a responsible entity

AIS Marine is well aware of the rules require from you and your equipment. We make sure the implementation of the applicable rules and regulations while keeping track of your equipment. As a responsible entity all we need you to just inform us on the ship’s schedule, we take care of the rest in the most sophisticated way.

We are here to assist you anytime at anywhere

Our well-trained experts and experienced team of lifeboat engineers are ready to help you with both your annual and 5-year lifeboat inspection in accordance with SOLAS III and IMO requirements. We ensure to value your money and time by acting quicker than are always investing in reducing travel time as much as possible. As a high profile, known for the best team and quality services we at the same time holds competitive pricing.

Approvals and Certifications

AIS Marine approved for lifeboat service and inspections according to SOLAS III/20 and IMO Resolution MSC.402(96) by almost every flag state.

LSA Manufacturer Certifications
Service Engineers of AIS Marine & Offshore Safety are certified according to IMO MSC.1/Circ.1277 for lifeboat service and inspections for all the major manufacturers.

Class Approvals
AIS Marine is an approved service supplier for lifeboats, launching appliances and release gear by a number of classification society.

Lifeboat Service Due

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