Cargo Hold and Tank Cleaning


The productivity of a bulk carrier is vastly dependent on its cargo holds and the volume of cargo it can carry. AIS Marine & Offshore being well aware of all the regulatory requirements of safe cargo cleaning holds all the account equipment, documentation needed, and properly trained crew, to make sure that the cargo holds are up to the standards cleaned.

It is worth mentioning that not meeting the anticipated requirements in terms of proper cleaning can question not only cargo quality but also can lead to charter party disputes and off-hire claims.

According to Maritime Knowledge

“Bulk carriers constitute a significant fragment of the global maritime transport of goods, making up 15–17% of the world’s merchant fleets. Bulk carrier operations require careful planning and preparation to maintain cargo quality as is and to avoid any delays and disputes. One critical aspect of this preparation is the cargo hold cleaning”.


AIS Marine & Offshore has experienced team to carry out cargo hold cleaning before loading and after discharge as per Australian standard. We offer:

  1. Grain Standard Cleaning
  2. Alumina Standard Cleaning
  3. Labor Hire
  4. Equipment Hire



Reasons why cargo hold cleaning must be done by experts:

  1. Cargo Contamination: – Improper cleaning leads to cargo contamination as well as cargo damage claims from the receivers.
  2. Costly: – Not up to standard cargo hold cleaning will result in dissatisfaction of surveyors and vessels may be held in port until surveyors are satisfied which for sure is a loss.
  3. Delays and Charter Party Disputes: – Insufficient cleaning and not meeting the charterer requirements can lead to even to the risk of off-hire because of the delays and charter party disputes.



  1. Corrosion: – Un professional and improper cargo hold cleaning can affect the painted surfaces as well as increase corrosion that can cause an additional threat for the hull along the sea water.


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