Crane Load Test

Crane Load Test Services by AIS Marine & Offshore

Crane load testing is a legislative requirement as it perceives malfunctions and errors that my result due to high load stress. The main objective of the crane load test is to reduce the risk of any major accidents by making sure the proper functionality of the cranes. It is also worth mentioning that some terminals in Australia require load test prior to cargo operation, which shows the significance of load test especially in Australia.

AIS Marine & Offshore is an authorized entity with licensed test equipment that provides a wide range of services to carry out highly effective crane load test in Australia.

We at AIS Marine & Offshore offer safe and reliable load tests up to 1,000 tones or higher along with test certificate for a set of diversified marine weight lifting equipment, which include:

  • Deck Crane
  • Provision crane
  • Engine Room Overhead crane
  • Life Boat Davits
  • Rescue Boat Davits
  • Gangway

Highly Effective Load Test Service and Fully Trained Engineers in Australia:

AIS Marine & Offshore conducts crane load tests as per class requirements. As per the requirements the cranes are loaded to examine their capacity strength and overall operating condition.

Our highly trained and extensively experienced engineers are equipped with latest technological tools and skills to provide you with a hassle-free and reliable crane load testing service.

We are pleased to have our team equipped with load cells as well to conduct static pull load testing on engine room overhead cranes, hose handling cranes, provision cranes and more.

AIS Marine and Offshore makes sure clients are very well heard and the team operate according to our valuable client’s requirements. All crane load tests are conducted in accordance to AIS Marine designed load test protocols to suit the needs of class and certificates are provided upon successful completion of the load tests.

The services we offer but not limited to:

AIS Marine & Offshore make sure all the relevant functions are properly operational before the cranes. Our team of experts thoroughly investigate and examine each function from hoisting, lowering and trolley travel to bridge travel, limit switches, locking and safety devices.

Our wide range of load testing services includes:

  • Proper examination of crane sheaves, hook blocks, crane structure and crane ropes.
  • Adjusting and testing crane machinery and safeties.
  • Testing safe load indicators for actual load and radius indication.
  • Properly setting up the cranes for overload testing.
  • Conducting the load test as per AIS Marine load test protocol.
  • Taking note of the crane parameters which includes SWL (Safety Working Load) and Proof Load.
  • Ensuring that the cranes are totally overload protected by setting all safeties to SWL.

We at AIS Marine & Offshore make sure any test to be done in accordance to all the work and safety measures as well as environmentally friendly manner.If you want to learn more about our crane load testing services in Australia, contact AIS Marine & Offshore today.


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