Marine Survey

AIS Marine & Offshore offers a detailed inspection carried out on a vessel by our highly qualified surveyor for the purpose of understanding its worthiness and overall condition to go to sea. We understand the importance of a quality and reliable survey to the sailor as it determines the vessels ability to stand the test of time and perform functions of which it was built to perform.

AIS Marine & Offshore generates a detailed report to the concerned authorities to help them understand the overall condition for different purposes as well as making decisions.


Our qualified team of surveyors make sure to perform the following in process:

  • To ensure standards are maintained
  • Test to ensure that all safety equipment and machinery meant for emergencies are operational.
  • Functioning of load line assignment and tonnage.

“We are very proud that we have a team of Class -1 Marine Engineers who have very specific and specialized knowledge in this context”


AIS Marine & Offshore offers variety of surveys for different purposes:

  • Pre-Purchase Survey: At AIS Marine & Offshore we believebuying a new vessel or used, a thorough examination of the operation and condition must be done. This type of survey typically includes an out of water inspection and sea trial as well as covers the general integrity of the structure, machinery, overall maintenance of on-board systems such as electrical, propulsion, fuel, etc.


  • Insurance Survey:  AIS Marine & Offshore offers insurance survey in order to help the marine insurer prior to issuing a policy. Safety and structural integrity come in play particularly if the vessel is a used one. Our team of experts also help the insurer inspection to determine the current market value of the vessel.



  • Damage Survey: We are here to assist you in determining the extent of damage caused to the vessel and to provide an estimate of cost to repair depending on magnitude of damage. A detailed report by AIS Marine& Offshore may also provide information regarding the cause of the damage.


  • Appraisal Survey: AIS Marine & Offshore provides information on the state of the vessel which includes current market value. The report not only assists the buyer but may also be used for settling legal matters, estates and seeking financing.


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