Naval Architectural Services


Our naval architectural team follows one common philosophy: customer centric approach, consistency and brief bespoke service. We give particular emphasis to staying up to date with constantly evolving world of maritime regulations and technological innovations in the field. On specific projects and when needed, we approach and work together with a network of qualified specialists having different backgrounds in order to guarantee conveyance of value, quality and cost-effective services all the time. On specific projects and as the need arises, we have access to and collaborate with a network of established experts having various backgrounds, in order to ensure delivery of quality and cost-effective services at all time.

By utilizing top end completely integrated computerized prototyping software and upheld by amazing rendering instruments we can successfully create, investigate and visualize plans and co-ordinate adjustments in all respects adequately. By having full power over key parts of the hull design plan and fairing process, mechanizing mechanical framework design, pipe runs and related frameworks under a common conflict management system, we guarantee evasion of changes amid assemble or refit and a speedier, increasingly proficient structure process.


AIS Marine and Offshore provides various naval architectural services:

Scantling computations

Steel renewal computations

Rule based calculations

Damage stability computations and probabilistic damage stability analysis

Probabilistic Damage Stability Analysis

Loading manual

Sea fastening calculations

Tonnage and freeboard calculations

Loadline calculations

Deadweight survey and inclining experiments


At AIS Marine & Offshore we believe Naval architecture is a foundation a backbone in order to give a life to the vessel. Our team of highly qualified and well experienced personals operates research, design, development, design evaluation and calculations during all stages of the life of a vessel. We also make sure the formulation of safety regulations, damage control rules and the approval as well as certification of ship designs to meet regulatory rules and requirements. We offer services at every level of the various design phases, each lead by a team of top-flight marine engineers:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Design
  • Shipyard Bid Package
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Detailed Design Package



We aim to tailor our service individually to each project, firstly carefully listening to client requirements, both technical and financial. A dedicated team is then assigned with clear project milestones and deliverables. We work with the client throughout, keeping them informed and ensuring the project progresses smoothly and steadily toward final objectives.

As independent consultants, we can focus solely on our client’s requirements and are not driven by external commercial pressure. We are focused enough to meet the clients exact specification but flexible enough to be able to change direction as the client requirements change through the project cycle. For further information about our services, get in touch.


he depth of our Naval Architectural knowledge and the understanding of how vessels, rigs and ships are constructed and their uses is something we take pride in. It is a combination of practical and theoretical experience. Our naval architects and engineers are encouraged to conduct vessel visits and where possible go offshore.

By combining our naval architecture and marine skills we can provide practical and workable solutions to our clients.

This includes:

  • Vessel construction support
  • Vessel stability analysis
  • Stability book review
  • Vessel modifications
  • Damage analysis and repairs
  • Hull characteristics
  • Vessel motion studies
  • Vessel structural analysis and modifications
  • Verification and review of vessel and rig designs
  • Met ocean analysis
  • Vessel selection studies
  • Vessel RAO development
  • Classification society liaison


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