Underwater Inspection


We understand the crucial role of a ship’s hull and coating system below the water line. Our team of experts inspects the below water condition of the ship prudently and comprehensively. AIS Marine & Offshore waterborne inspections, holds a reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective record in the market to monitor the condition of the ship’s hull and coating systems. We are known for our experienced, knowledgeable and skillful team that meets classification and insurance requirements, evaluate damage, ensure the functioning of the underwater hull and propulsion system. We emphasize on both planning and execution in a people and environmentally friendly manner and obtain pre-overhaul planning information. AIS Marine & Offshore operates a variety of technological tools and advance techniques to gather and analyze information to assess the ship below the waterline. We believe we are obliged to provide quality service and keep on maintaining our prestigious reputation in the current market.


Diver Visual Inspection

Visual inspection of the ship condition below the waterline has a vital role in the process of evaluation and assessing the overall system of the ship operating below the waterline. The Divers in this case are in direct verbal communication with the topside supervisor and the client. Our team of experts is trained to report on hull conditions while assessing the paint blistering, peeling, corrosion, fouling and structural damage in the process.


Digital Clear Water Photography

As our team is equipped with the latest technological tools. Digital clear water photography is one of a system used by AIS Marine and Offshore to take sharp, wide angle, full color photos, even in zero visibility water to analyze the below the waterline condition in a very sophisticated manner.

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